How to Choose Wooden Flooring for an Open-Plan House


Choosing wooden flooring for an open-plan house requires careful consideration of both aesthetics and practicality. Here are essential factors to keep in mind when making this decision:

  1. Wood Type:
    • Hardness: Different wood species have varying levels of hardness. For high-traffic areas in an open-plan layout, consider harder woods like oak or maple as they are more resistant to wear and tear.
    • Grain and Color: Choose a wood species that complements your overall design aesthetic. Consider the color of existing furniture and decor elements in the open space.
  2. Finish and Style:
    • Finish Type: Decide on the finish that suits your lifestyle. Options include matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes. Matte finishes can help hide scratches and dents, making them a practical choice.
    • Plank Size: The size of the wooden planks can impact the visual perception of space. Wider planks can make a room look more expansive, while narrower planks might be better for a cozier feel.
  3. Durability:
    • Coating: Opt for flooring with a durable protective coating to resist scratches, stains, and moisture. This is particularly important in open-plan spaces where the flooring will be exposed to a variety of activities and potential spills.
  4. Climate Considerations:
    • Humidity Levels: Wood is sensitive to changes in humidity. Engineered wood, which consists of layers of wood glued together, is less prone to expansion and contraction than solid wood, making it a better choice for areas with varying humidity levels.
  5. Budget:
    • Cost Considerations: Wooden flooring comes in a range of price points. Consider your budget and explore options that offer the best balance between cost and quality. Keep in mind that investing in higher-quality flooring can pay off in the long run.
  6. Installation and Maintenance:
    • Ease of Installation: Some types of wooden flooring are easier to install than others. If you’re considering a DIY approach, choose a flooring option that is user-friendly.
    • Maintenance Requirements: Consider the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Some woods require more frequent maintenance, such as resealing, while others are more low-maintenance.
  7. Overall Aesthetic:
    • Interior Design Theme: Ensure that the chosen flooring aligns with the overall design theme of your open-plan space. Consider factors like the color scheme, furniture style, and overall ambiance you want to create.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose wooden flooring that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your open-plan house but also meets the practical demands of the space.

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